Linking Coffee Farmer to China

Kunde Coffee Platform is a coffee greenbean trading company that specializes in bridging high quality coffee beans from Colombia directly to roasters in the fast growing China coffee market.

Our open-price business model enables coffee farmers to set their desired price and commercialise their high quality coffee beans in China, while we help China coffee roasters to find the right product for them at a good price.

As such, we are hoping to make a little contribution to a more sustainable coffee world.

Our Service

For Coffee Farmers

It has been long for the coffee farmers to  find a suitable way to commercialize their high quality coffee at a good price. With Kunde Coffee Platform, we make things simpler and easier.


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For Coffee Buyer

We know it's hard for the coffee roaster to hunt the right beans with the right price and with unbiased information for marketing. Kunde Coffee Platform is the one you can count on.


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Latest Coffee Farmers

In Kunde Coffee Platform, we work with a group of coffee specialists, whose job is to visit these farms and find the best product. These are the latest coffee suppliers.

Featured Regions

Colombia is renowned for its exceptional coffee, with the country being the third largest coffee producer in the world. It is known for its ideal climates, fertile soil, and skilled farmers who have been cultivating coffee for generations. The coffee grown here is characterized by its unique flavor profile, with notes of caramel, citrus, and chocolate. At Kunde Coffee Platform, we're proud to source the majority of our coffee beans from Colombia, and are committed to supporting the country's coffee growers in their pursuit of excellence.

Latest Offered Coffee

Quality coffee ranges from cultivation to the selection of the best varieties and grains.  Following are some latest outstanding coffee green beans.

Purchasing Process

At Kunde Coffee Platform, we believe in providing a simple and straightforward purchasing process that connects coffee roasters directly with farmers. Our platform is designed to provide transparency and fairness for both farmers and roasters, with the aim of creating a more sustainable and equitable coffee industry.

Visit Farms

Kunde Coffee makes field visit to farms to obtain their information

Send Samples

Farmer sends latest samples to Kunde who distributes among its clients

Place Order

Kunde signs contract with clients and place order to farmer


Kunde verifies the quality and makes full payment to farmer

Shipping to China

Kunde arranges shipping of the ordered products to China

Complete the Order

Clients makes final payment to Kunde and receives ordered products