Services for the Coffee Farmer

At Kunde Coffee Platform, you set your own price

Our years experience in international business told us that coffee farmers are often time in disadvantage when setting their own price due to the pronlong supply chain and lack of access to the final market. At Kunde Coffee Platform, you will gain greater bargaining power and total control when it comes to setting the price of your product.

Using our service is free and the process is quite easy. First, complete the <<Supplier Registration Form>>, then our purchasing and logistics manager in Colombia will contact you directly for a field visit and obtain your green bean samples. While we configure the store for you and publish the product with the price set by you, your green bean samples will be distributed to our clients in China. Upon receiving orders from our clients, we will discuss the product completion date. When the production completed, we will verify to approve the product quality and make the full payment to you before you deliver the ordered product.

  • Registration
  • Field Visit
  • Samples
  • Production
  • Pay and Delivery

Coffee Grower registration

Whether you have a farm or a cooperative, at Kunde Coffee Platform we are here to commercialize your coffee lots to roasters in China!