While all these products listed on this platform is set by the farmer, we believe followings are some realtime market price that could be beneficial for both sides to determine the most acceptable price.
Commercial Coffee
Here is the realtime ICE pricing of commercial coffee green beans, KC1!
Where usually beans from Mexico, Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Panama, Tanzania, Uganda, Honduras, and Peru are all at par, Colombia at 400 point premium, Burundi, Rwanda, Venezuela and India at 100 point discount, Dominican Republic and Ecuador at 400 point discount, and Brazil at 600 point discount. (ICE: Coffee C ® Futures
Additionally, you can check out the ICO’s daily price from following link: ICO Indicator prices
Exchange Rate (FOREX) Factor
When purchasing foreign produced coffee green beans, you want to also consider the Chinese Yuan and Colombia Peso Exchange Rate. These will also effect the final price you pay to Kunde Coffee.

With these information with the combination of US Dollar foreign exchange rate, you will have a general idea of the future coffee trending internationally and domestically in China.

US Coffee Future