The association was created in 2011, we accompany 500 coffee-growing families, supporting lines of productivity, organizational strengthening and commercial processes, thus consolidating the Nariño Tierras de Café program, with the support of Catholic Relief Services, with whom we develop in coffee-growing communities the Bordelands project, with the objective of supporting coffee-growing families in the municipalities of Florida, Buesaco, Chachagüi and Tambo, through the development of productive processes and projects to improve the quality of life of small rural producers in these municipalities. The project was developed for 5 years and to date we continue to accompany the social processes of production and markets of the coffee-growing families of the department of Nariño, consolidating them more strongly.

Farm Data

Establishment Date October 7, 2015
Region La Florida – Nariño
Featured Product Speicalty Coffee and Commercial Coffee
Number of employees 160
Plantation size 65 ha
Harvest Season March – August
Annual Production 200 tons


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