Cafés SAS is the result of the union of 3 families that previously sold our coffee to cooperatives in the municipality of Ataco sur del Tolima, knowing the quality of our coffee we decided to register our own brand of specialty coffee and market it ourselves, the area where the crops are located is the El Diamante farm in the Casa Verde village in Ataco sur del Tolima, an area that was hit for years by the violence of the armed conflict, but we still decided to bet on creating a small business and register our own brand, supporting ourselves when necessary with coffee from the members of the Asoaguabosques1A association that brings together more than 35 coffee growers, as well as other families from Bilbao Planadas and China Alta in Ibagué.

Owner/Director Norberto Quitora Garzón
Establishment Date 30/10/2020
Region Ibagué – Tolima
Featured Product Specialty Coffee
Number of employees 2
Plantation size 25ha
Harvest Season May – June, October – November
Annual Production per farm 5 Toneladas


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