Crecer M.P. SAS


My name is Miguel Peña, born in 1995 in Supia Caldas, an area of coffee growers by tradition, son of coffee-growing parents, my life has been surrounded by coffee since my birth, by nature passionate about coffee, at this very moment I live on a coffee farm, in a large coffee area where we produce high quality coffee, I feel very proud to belong to this union, I feel proud to represent Colombia, my great dream is to take Colombian coffee to all corners of the planet.

Farm Data

Owner/Director Miguel Ángel Peña Gallego
Establishment Date 2023/02/21
Region Marmato Caldas
Featured Product Specialty Coffee and Commercial Coffee
Number of employees 1
Plantation size 5 ha
Harvest Season October, November, December; Fly Crop: March, April, May
Annual Production 2 tons


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