Eden Farms Colombia SAS


Eden Farms Colombia S.A.S It is a company that is made up of 3 farms in Quindío, which have the Caturra, Bourbon Rosado, Castillo and Bourbon Sidra coffee varieties.

The farms are located in El Caimo, La Tebaida and Barcelona. On the Caimo estate there are 50,000 Caturra trees and 7,000 Bourbon Rosado trees, on the Barcelona estate there are 250,000 Castillo trees and on the Tebaida 5,000 Bourbon Sidra trees.

Farm Data

Establishment Date 29/6/2023
Region Quindío
Featured Product Speicalty Coffee and Commercial Coffee
Number of employees 20
Plantation size 50 ha
Harvest Season July – October
Annual Production 20 tons


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