Finca El Recuerdo


I am a 3rd generation coffee grower and I am currently dedicated to the production of specialty coffees since 2014. I am a pioneer in the production of these coffees on the farm, bringing the first seeds, with many inconveniences at the beginning to change coffee growing. traditional in my family; Today I have received full support from my parents, I have a wife who supports me, I am the father of a beautiful 9-year-old girl who is passionate about coffee; and with my brothers we are motivated every day to produce better Colombian coffee for the world.

Farm Data

Establishment Date 11/1/1992
Region Bruselas – Huila
Featured Product Specialty Coffee
Number of employees 1
Plantation size 10 ha
Harvest Season Dec – Feb
Annual Production 3000 Kg

Main Crop 2023

Beautiful Geisha Bushes

————————- Beautiful farm scenery ————————-


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