Finca Montreal Y Finca La España


I have been a coffee producer since 2004, in 2014 I entered the world of specialty coffees, made some Geisha plantations and in 2017 it was my first participation in the Cup of Excellence , occupying fifth place and so far I have participated in important national competitions such as Colombia Land of Diversity, Tasa de la Excelencia, the Tolima Corazón Cafetero International Fair and we currently qualify for the World Coffee Challenge, obtaining first places in each of them, I am currently the winner of the international fair and Excellence Rate 2023.

Farm Data

Establishment Date 2010/03/01
Region Planadas – Tolima
Owner/Director Duberney Cifuentes Fajardo
Featured Product Specialty Coffee
Number of employees 1
Plantation size 4 ha
Harvest Season April – August
Annual Production 20,000 KG


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