Finca San Martin


My family is a coffee maker by tradition and I began to be passionate about the world of coffee in production, roasting and cupping. Feeling that sensation of seeing how consumers enjoy our coffee around the world, I am also passionate about helping coffee growers to improve their cup profile every day and offer a better product, I am passionate about differentiating the types of coffee which inspires me in its only flavors found there. At this moment I am working developing processes starting from harvesting to post-harvest coffee, collecting beans between 22 and 24 degrees brix and from there starting a 72-hour anaerobic fermentation in which the coffee must is reusable for 24 hours, then starting a drying process at 42°C in a mechanical silo, ending with a packing in GrainPro-type bags to stabilize for 30 days.

Establishment Date 5/5/2017
Region Risaralda Caldas
Featured Product Natural Processed Coffee
Number of farms 1
Plantation size 30 ha
Harvest Season October – January and April – May
Annual Production 30 tons


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