Hernan Molano Coffee


We are Elohim varietals, a place where we think about the environment in standardized processes where we want to be part of safe coffees in Colombia and plan to become one of the best places to visit in the country.

We started this dream five years ago with the vision of being a place full of magical experiences and that the coffee is 100% Arabica genetic, we have four varieties that are Geisha, Java, Landrance and Típica, accompanied in different shades. each variety and strengthened with organic material.

Farm Data

Owner/Director Luis Hernán Quigua Molano
Establishment Date 2018/03/05
Region Pitalito Huila
Featured Product Café Especial varietales: JAVA, GEISHA, LANDRACE, ETHIOPE
Number of employees 1
Plantation size 3 ha
Harvest Season October – December, May – June
Annual Production 3 tons


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  • Process: Washed, Special Process
    Region: Huila
    Variety: Landrace Etiope
  • Process: Washed, Special Process
    Region: Huila
    Variety: Java