Lacia Coffee


We are a family business developed by 4 brothers who were born in the mountains of Quindío, after our father migrated looking for business opportunities. For more than 50 years in the coffee sector, we decided to reinvent our operations to adapt to the demands of a changing global economy, where the innovation and sophistication of our coffees could compete in the most demanding markets. Our objective is to extend the varieties of our coffee portfolio, both in our cultivated varieties and in purchases from third parties, guaranteeing traceability and support in processing and respecting the environmental conditions of each crop.

One of the advantages we have as a company has been the innovation in our own processes and processing models to achieve the best qualities.

We have a continuous supply of our products, given that each crop is in its appropriate environmental supply, which allows us to have constant production throughout the year; thus maintaining optimal crop development that, combined with innovation in processing, has led us to obtain the best cups. The above is reflected in the recognition of our product and the increase in its demand.

Farm Data

Establishment Date 23/1/1985
Region Pijao – Quindío
Featured Product Specialty Coffee and Commercial Coffee
Number of employees 4
Plantation size 30 ha
Harvest Season Second half of the year
Annual Production 40 Tons


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