Finca El Arbolito 小树庄园


I am a coffee farmer eager to publicize the quality of our coffee, and after many years it has become a reality from the mountains of Planadas, Tolima. With a lot of love and dedication we process a coffee with many aromas and flavors so that consumers around the world can enjoy a true origin coffee.

A wonderful and privileged land in the south of Colombia, Planadas Tolima and we were born in it; It is a land with an excellent climate, flora and fauna that is favorable for growing the best specialty coffees in Colombia and the world. OUR!

We are a family business with great ambitions and purposes, committed to environmentally friendly sustainable development and production, in recognition of the tradition of our municipality, the quality of its coffee and the courage of its community in search of strategies to consolidate peace.

We care to offer products that we hope will captivate your attention, our grain is classified with techniques which allow us to offer an experience in each cup.

Our mission is to position Planadas coffee before the world, sharing its quality and inspiring a coffee culture that guarantees artisanal care from its origin for a complete sensory experience; As a vision we want to become an example company in the coffee process and be recognized for our quality standards and commitment to the development of our community.

Establishment Date 2008/11/6
Featured Product Washed, Semi-Washed, Honey, Natural processed coffee
Harvest Season April-July
Total number of associated coffee farmers 11 farmers
Region Tolima


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