Plop coffee is a comprehensive, professional Huilense company specialized in quality coffee services and products with different varieties, profiles and in the required presentation. The name Plop Coffee originates from the passion that Colombia's flagship product represents and the crucial moment in which the potentiation of aromas, flavors and colors that a coffee roast offers us in the first crack and its development phase begins.

Its legal representative and owner Duberney Meneses is a total admirer of this beautiful productive chain, a native of the department of Huila, the largest producer of grain in the country and the Mecca of exotic coffees.

Farm Data

Establishment Date 1/3/2022
Owner Duberney Meneses
Region Pitalito Huila
Featured Product Speicalty Coffee, Processed Coffee, Varietals
Total number of associated coffee farmers 20 farmers
Average Plantation size 4 ha
Harvest Season October – January / May – July
Annual Production 5 tons


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