Quebraditas Coffee Farm


We are Quebraditas Coffee Farm, a family project focused on the production of specialty coffees, with differentiated and replicable sensory profiles thanks to our fermentation processes, including Thermalshock and yeast inoculation, and also agronomic management focused on soil care (Sombrío strategic, use of organic matter, maintenance of pH through amendments and lime) that allows us to enhance the cup from the cultivation.

We have 2 coffee farms, which are located between 1600 and 1850 meters above sea level, within the Central Mountain Range. They have 18 hectares of which 10 are with traditional varieties such as Caturra, Colombia, among others and we are consolidating one of them exclusively varietal in which we have the following varieties: Eugenoides, Bourbon Pointu, Geisha, Java, Bourbon Chiroso, Wush Wush, Bourbon Ají, Papayo, Pacamara, Sudan Rume, Arará and with a vision that in the long term the entire land will be in varietals.

Farm Data

Director Rafael Aya Martínez
Fecha de Establecimiento 14/10/2021
Región Timaná – Huila
Producto destacado Café Especial
Número total de empleados 1
Área (ha) de la Finca 7 ha
Época de Cosecha Octubre, Noviembre y Diciembre
Producción Anual 30 Toneladas


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