Pink Bourbon Washed

By: Finca La Loma - Isaías Cruz Chala


Process: Washed
Region: Huila
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Weight: 70 kg
70 kg / bag
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Farmer: Isaias Cruz Chala

Variety Bourbon Rosado
Process Washed
Altitude 1400 m.s.n.m
Region Los Cauchos San Agustín Huila
Score 86
Density 780
Humidity 11.6%
Availability 140 kg
Delivery 25 days after order


Chocolate, floral, and spicy – clean and pleasant taste, pronounced flavor, spicy notes, citrus and cocoa powder aftertaste, medium juicy malic acidity, silky body.


Finca La Loma.

Located in the Vereda Santa Clara (Los Cauchos) municipality of San Agustín Huila.

Producer: ISAÍAS CRUZ CHALA, 76 years old.

From an early age I began my work as a coffee farmer in the department of Tolima, where I trained as a coffee producer. in the 80's because of the violence I moved to the department of Huila where I continued with my passion ""growing the best coffee"". Thanks to my work as a coffee grower, I helped my family get ahead and consolidated myself as a coffee leader in my region, being a coffee representative in different entities on several occasions. Today on the verge of my retirement, I am proud to be able to offer the world an excellent product, the result of my lifelong work and passion for growing coffee.

Establishment Date 1/1/1980
Featured Product Specialty Coffee
Number of employees 1
Plantation size 5 ha
Annual Production 3 tons