Caturra Semi-Washed

By: Finca Porvenir - Huila

SKU: PVN-002

Process: Washed, Special Process
Region: Huila
Variety: Caturra
Weight: 70 kg
70 kg / bag
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Farmer: Camilo Camacho

Variety Caturra
Process Semi-Lavado
Altitude 1700-1900 m.s.n.m.
Region Palestina – Huila
Score 85.25
Density 748
Humidity 9.8%
Availability 700 KG
Delivery 30 days after order


Fragrance and aroma of panela and nuts, drink with the flavor of dark chocolate and cloves, pronounced residual with spicy and sweet herbal notes, medium citric acidity and a slightly harsh body.


My love story for coffee began at 15 years old, I am 3rd generation influenced by my grandmother and my mother in this wonderful world, I started with 15 coffee trees that I took care of with great dedication and from there I have been growing and At the moment I already have 4 hectares of cultivation, I care about producing high quality coffee through innovative processes, maintaining safety and hygiene in the product and facilities.

Establishment Date 1/11/2012
Region Palestina – Huila
Featured Product Specialty Coffee
Number of employees 1
Plantation size 4 ha
Harvest Season October – December
Annual Production 1 Ton