Caturra Honey – Fermentation 80 Hours in Water

By: Finca Porvenir - Huila

SKU: PVN-005

Process: Honey, Special Process
Region: Huila
Variety: Caturra
Weight: 70 kg
70 kg / bag
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Farmer: Camilo Camacho

Variety Caturra
Process Honey
Altitude 1600-1980 m.s.n.m.
Region Palestina – Huila
Score 86,25
Density 772
Humidity 10.7%
Availability 700 KG
Delivery In Stock (Colombia)


Brown Sugar, Sweet Chocolate and Yellow Fruits; Clean, sweet drink with chocolate and green apple flavor, residual with notes of cloves, malic acidity and juicy body


My love story for coffee began at 15 years old, I am 3rd generation influenced by my grandmother and my mother in this wonderful world, I started with 15 coffee trees that I took care of with great dedication and from there I have been growing and At the moment I already have 4 hectares of cultivation, I care about producing high quality coffee through innovative processes, maintaining safety and hygiene in the product and facilities.

Establishment Date 1/11/2012
Region Palestina – Huila
Featured Product Specialty Coffee
Number of employees 1
Plantation size 4 ha
Harvest Season October – December
Annual Production 1 Ton