Washed Pink Bourbon

By: Finca El Rubì 红宝石庄园


Region: Huila
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Washed, Special Process
Weight: 70 kg
70 kg / bag
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Farmer: Heiner Lasso

Variety Pink Bourbon
Process Washed – Double Fermentation Total 144 Anaerobic Hours
Altitude 1800 m.s.n.m.
Region San Adolfo – Huila
Score 86.25
Density 768
Humidity 8.7%
Availability 840 KG
Delivery In Stock (Colombia)


F/A Panela, Orange, Sweet and Floral Chocolate; Drink with notes of coffee cherry, residual with notes of red fruits, and chocolate, malic acidity, silky body.


Heritage of my parents Segundo Lazo and Stella Ojeda who with a lot of dedication and effort in 1995 managed to buy this farm that consists of 4 hectares located in the municipality of Acevedo - Huila Inspection of San Adolfo.

My name is Heiner Lasso and following in my father's footsteps, at the age of 18, when I finished high school, I dedicated myself to farm work growing coffee.

The land had approximately 5,000 Caturra variety trees and, thank God, we enjoyed very good production until the coffee crisis came in 2003 due to the rust that appeared and wiped out almost all the coffee crops. This left very little. All the coffee growers were worried, including my father, since this was our family's livelihood; We then made the decision to renew the plot and planted the Castillo variety, which was said to be resistant to rust.

Unfortunately we had a bad experience with this variety because it has low productivity and that year the price to sell the coffee was very low. It was at that time and feeling inexperienced in the subject of coffee, I decided to train myself by taking courses at SENA (National Learning Service), I did one on special coffee production and another on pest and disease control.

Once again we renewed the lot, this time planting different varieties such as Geisha, Bourbon Rosado, Bourbon Sidra and SL28 taking into account that they were not resistant to rust but with training in pest control and with the option to sell at a better price.

Thank God it has been the best investment and it has gone very well for us and we have served as an example for some coffee growers who, like me, are also growing these varieties and today my municipality of Acevedo is recognized and considered one of the best producers of Colombian specialty coffee.

Establishment Date 1/1/1990
Region Pitalito Huila
Featured Product Specialty Coffee
Number of employees 5
Plantation size 4 ha
Harvest Season March-June And October-December
Annual Production 11 tons