Exotic Whiskey

By: Cafés Especiales Paloma SAS

SKU: PLM-001

Process: Washed
Region: Caldas
Variety: Castillo
Weight: 70 kg
70 kg / bag
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Farmer: Juliana Rivera

Variety Castillo
Process Washed
Altitude 1600 m.s.n.m.
Region Belalcazar – Hacienda Cuba
Score 86
Density 650
Humidity 11.1%
Availability 1000 KG
Delivery 75 Days After Order


Whiskey and malt cream; clean drink, with a liquorish note, residual with a note of chocolate and whiskey, tartaric acidity, rough body.


We are Colombian peasant women cultivating and transforming high quality coffees for the world.

We cultivate the teachings of our ancestors with temperance and discipline in our work, respecting our natural environment, worrying about fair treatment and harmony with our community to support more than 1,000 peasant families with the generation of jobs for women coffee growers “Chapoleras”, whom We owe the result of obtaining a cup of premium coffee from Belalcázar, Caldas, Colombia.

We have joined our efforts to innovate in the international market with soft washed coffees, also with the honey process and with natural modified processes to obtain, as a result, flavored coffees in barrels that generate experiences with fragrances, textures, aromas and flavors that make lives happier.

“Sweet like the Colombian peasants, soft like the women coffee growers and with the character of the chapoleras of the region, Paloma Rivera coffee is harvested by feminine hands that guarantee the best treatment to the beans to maintain the balance desired by consumers of the best soft coffee in the world.

Paloma Rivera, The dignity of the Chapolera woman!

The Chapoleras are all the coffee growing women, who from the beginning of the sun until it sets, go through the municipal farms collecting coffee. “The day laborers say that 104 years ago, one of the first Chapoleras in the Belalcázar Caldas region was known as Paloma Rivera, a farmer from these coffee-growing areas, a coffee planter and harvester.”

The Paloma Rivera Café is proud to represent the peasant woman, who also with pants, shirt and basket, represent the tenacity of thousands of coffee-growing families who get up to work every day, so that when you have a cup of coffee, you don't “You only enjoy the flavor but also know the value of the history of thousands of women, who with determination sowed and harvested what was necessary to enjoy the most exquisite drink in the world.”

Owner/Director Juliana Rivera Pulgarín
Establishment Date 29/8/2022
Region Belalcazar
Featured Product Green coffee, specialty coffee, exotic coffees and commercial coffee
Number of employees 1
Plantation size 27 ha
Harvest Season September – November
Annual Production 577,894 kg